You can customize your mini-course share links by adding custom domains. This feature is included in our Premium Plan and enables you to share your mini-courses as subdomains of your website.

How to add custom domains?

Basicly, the process has three main steps;

  • You will get a CNAME ( from Mini Course Generator,

  • You will use this CNAME to create a subdomain on your own hosting system,

  • You will use the subdomain you created as your custom domain for your mini-courses.

Let's get started.

On your home page, click the name badge located on the upper right edge and open the menu. There, choose "Custom Domain"

In the upcoming window, you will see the CNAME provided. Copy the CNAME and click "Next"

Then go to your hosting provider account. Add the CNAME there and define the subdomain as you prefer. Although the interfaces may change for different service providers, the logic behind the process is the same. You can see an example in the video below: adding CNAME to DNS records on GoDaddy.


In the above example, the subdomain is defined as "academy", but you can give a different name. Preceeding with this name, your mini-course links would look like this:

After adding CNAME to your DNS, return to Mini Course Generator and add your subdomain in the space provided.

You need to choose a default course for that custom domain. The course you chose will have exactly the same link:

In other words, the link will directly lead to the course that you have defined as the default for this domain.

Click "Add Domain" Then comes the verification process. We will review your request and inform you via e-mail when the verification is completed. This may take up to 24 hours, but it usually takes less than this.

Note: It is possible to use a custom domain for your mini-courses other than the default course, too. To do that, you need to modify the share link of your mini-course manually. For example, your mini-course has the following share link:

The highlighted part of the link is the slug, and acts as the ID of your mini-course. You can use this ID with the custom domain you added before. Just copy this part and paste it to your custom domain like this:

You can share the above link with your customers.

Note: It is possible to add more than one custom domain and use your domains with different subdomains. Hence, you can create mini-course links that look like the following:

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