Mini Course Generator is SEO-friendly. You can add not only "title" and "description", but also upload favicon and thumbnail for social media shares. To adjust SEO settings of your mini-course, click the settings icon located in the upper right corner.



Click SEO menu to see options. You can change the title and add a description. If you prefer your content not to be indexed, you can disable indexing for search engines.



To customize the appearance, you can add Favicon and Thumbnail as well.

You can see the previews for search engine results and social shares at the bottom. When you are done, don't forget to click "Save"



Note: The link displayed in the preview sections is the default link of your mini-course. However, if you have customized your share links and use the customized versions to share content, the appearing links will be in the form you customized. To learn more about customizing share links, click here.

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