Suppose you use your mini-course to ask questions to your customers, and you keep their answers in a report. If you would like this report to be updated automatically whenever someone completes your course, this is for you.


Actually, Mini Course Generator provides an analytics report in .xls form for each of your mini-courses. This report includes all the answers your customers gave to each question in your mini-course. You can reach this report manually by clicking the "Analytics" button of the course on your home page.



However, if you do not want to download a report manually to see new data, you can use an automatically updated spreadsheet instead. It is possible to integrate your mini-course to a Google spreadsheet with a webhook you will create on Pipedream.

Pipedream is a tool for creating webhooks for free. If you do not have an account, create one from their website.

You can create "workflows" in Pipedream. A workflow represents an automated process that involves one or more webhooks. For your purpose, it is possible to create a workflow that will get your customers' answers from a mini-course you choose and add those answers as a row on a Google spreadsheet you select. Let's get started.

Create a workflow by clicking the "New +" button.

Then, before you proceed, you can name your workflow from the upper left corner of the window as such.

You can select a "trigger" now. Choose "HTTP / Webhook"

Then, pick "HTTP Requests (Most Popular)"

In the upcoming window, leave the default settings as they are and click "Save and continue"

Pipedream will generate a custom URL for you and represent it as follows. Copy this URL.

Go back to Mini Course Generator, open your course, and click the settings icon.

Select "Webhook" and paste the URL in the provided region. Choose "Course Finish" and then click "Save"

Here comes the part where you test this webhook. Preview your mini-course and answer the questions in your mini-course for testing. Then, head back to Pipedream. Click "Select Event"

The trial you made will be visible there; select "POST" as follows.

Your test answers on your mini-course will be sent to Pipedream.

You can view the related data listed according to card ID under event>body>cards.

You can view the data that belong to a card by clicking its ID. Your test answers will be visible there as such. Click "Continue"

Then, in the upcoming window, select "Add Row to Google Sheets"

In the upcoming window, you will need to connect to your Google account. If you do not have one, you can sign up.

After you sign in to your Google account, to complete your workflow, you need to authorize Pipedream to see, edit, create, and delete all of your Google Drive files. Then, click "Continue"


After you connect to your Google account, you can select a spreadsheet. All spreadsheets present in your Google account will appear in the options. If you do not have a spreadsheet, you can create one from here.

You can name your spreadsheet from the upper left corner as follows.

On Pipedream, you can select the spreadsheet into which your mini-course data will be integrated.

It is possible to target a specific sheet on your spreadsheet. You can make your choice in the following field.

If you do not have a header row in your spreadsheet, you should pick "No" in the following field. If you do, then you can pick "Yes"

Here comes the part where you select which data you would like to collect from your mini-course. Now, you can select the answers your customers gave to the questions in your cards. Click "Values" field and you will see the data set. You can proceed with "Construct an array" option. Watch the video below to see how you pick your data.

After you test the workflow, go to your spreadsheet and check if the data is added to your report.

Go back to Pipedream. You can check to what range of your spreadsheet the data is added. Click "Deploy"

Congratulations, you are done!


  • If the cards in which you ask for contact information are located in the midst of your mini-course and you would like to add a new row to your spreadsheet when someone answered these cards, even if they did not complete the whole course, you can choose "card end" in the webhook settings.

However, in this scenario, for each card answered, you will get another row added to your spreadsheet, which can be drudging.

  • It is recommended to choose either "Card End" or "Course Finish" in the webhook settings. Choosing both may complicate the results.

  • If you definitely need an answer to a question, it is best to make that question mandatory; so that your audience can not proceed without answering that question. Click the settings icon located at the bottom of your question card, and make sure that the card is mandatory.

  • Pipedream will currently let you get up to 333 invocations per day for free. However, you need to proceed with a premium plan for increasing invocations.

  • An alternative tool to Pipedream is Zapier. It is a well-known tool for webhooks, however they do not offer a free plan. You can check out their website for detailed information.

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