You can present your mini-courses to your audience with a link. To get that link, click "Share".

Note: You can reach "Share" command from your home page as well, under the dots menu of a mini-course.



When you open "Share" menu, you can see the share link of that mini-course. If you want to display the social sharing button on your mini-course, make sure that the related option is activated.



When you activate this option, your share link is modified to display the following button on your mini-course. Hence, your audience can share your mini-course on their social media more easily and faster.



You can copy the link and send it to your customers.

Note: When you click the "Preview" button on the admin interface, it actually opens with its share link in a new tab on your browser. You can share your mini-course by copying that link, too; however, that link will not show social sharing buttons.

Note: If you have connected a custom domain to MCG, and you would like to share your mini-course with a link tied to that custom domain, you can modify the share link of your mini-course manually. For example, your mini-course has the following share link:

The highlighted part of the link is the slug, and acts as the ID of your mini-course. You can use this ID with the custom domain you added before. Just copy this part and paste it to your custom domain like this:

You can share the above link with your customers.

To learn more about adding custom domains, click here.

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