You can create a mini-course super fast by using AI-Assistant. It is located in your admin interface.


You need to enter a key phrase as a topic, and a mini-course on that topic will be generated in seconds.

This mini-course will include sample header images, info cards, and quiz cards. The content is plagiarism-free, yet, you can edit the raw material further according to your needs. After you create them, AI-generated mini-courses are not different from your manually created courses in practice. 

To get the most targeted results from AI-Assistant, take a look at the following instructions and example cases below:

Course Length

After the research and regarding the experts' opinions, we have deemed the appropriate course length should be between four and eight cards.


Artificial Intelligent
Roman Empire

The Topic

You should spell the words correctly. If you use a misspelled word in your topic, this will affect your entire AI-generated course.


Lige Coaching
Life Couching
Life Coaching

It would be best if you used shorter topics. Based on the courses created by our users, it is safe to say that shorter and broader topics will get you better returns. Topics that are too narrow tend to go out of hand.


The importance of reliability and customer satisfaction in real estate
The importance of reliability in real estate
The importance of customer satisfaction in real estate

You should mind the topic language. The default language of the courses is English. If you want to search for a topic in another language, it could return duplicated or nonsense courses.



l'effet de la musique sur les enfants
Effect of Music on Children

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