Score cards, conditional cards and Sertifier cards are completion cards, and it is not possible to add a follow-up card after a completion card.

When a completion card is added, it is automatically located at the end of your mini-course and cannot be relocated. Even if you add another card chronologically after a completion card, it is located before the completion card.

If you want your mini-course to continue, even after a completion card, you can do it by adding links to your Score card.

1. Create a mini-course, which will serve as the rest of your content after a score card. (You can name this course: "Let's Continue!" or "Part 2")

2. Go back to your main mini-course. Add a link to the score card in the form of "Mini-Course" not "URL".

3. Add the "Let's Continue" mini-course to your score card.

You can find a detailed tutorial, here.

Note: This method works only for mini-courses that end with a score card, as you cannot add links to conditional and Sertifier cards.

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