If your customers pay a lump sum in advance and you guarantee access to multiple mini-courses in return, this is for you. It is possible to charge only once for a bundle of mini-courses.

There are two ways to make such a setup.

Firstly, you can create a collection of mini-courses. To learn how to create a collection, click here. As the first mini-course of this collection, create a single-card mini-course with a payment wall.


You can customize the content of the confirmation email that is sent to buyers. Set a password for your other mini-courses in the collection and write the password in the payment email.

You can add password protection cards in the beginning of each mini-course to gate access. 

Secondly, you can make a list of other mini-courses in another mini-course. This will be another type of collection, which is built with link buttons to your other mini-courses, so it also acts like a home-page for your selected content. For this way of display, we have a quick tutorial here.

You can place the pay-wall before that collection card. So, one payment will provide access to all the mini-courses in that collection.


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