For various reasons, you may be in need to gate access to your content, wholly or partially. This gate may be a sign-up wall, pay-wall or password protection. For each of these purposes, there is a card type tu build gateways in your mini-course.

Sign-up Wall

If you use your mini-course for lead generation and need e-mails from your customers, you can build a sign-up wall under Gateway cards.


The point of this card is that users cannot proceed without writing their e-mail addresses. It is even possible to automate this lead generation by integrating mailing tools like MailerLite and Mailchimp via webhooks. Learn more about webhooks from here.

Payment Wall

You can build a Stripe Pay-Wall from Gateway menu. In order to use this card, you need to have Stripe account.


Payment wall separates free and paid portions of your mini-course. You can locate this payment wall anywhere you like in your mini-course. If you locate it in the very beginning, your whole mini-course will be protected and can be accessed only via payment.

You can have only one Stripe Pay-Wall in a single mini-course. Click here to learn more abot Stripe integration.


Password Protection

Suppose you offer your mini-course, partially or wholly, to some privileged group. Then, you can use password protection cards under Gateway menu.



A password protection card acts as a barrier for the cards following it. For example, if you locate this card in the beginning, the whole course becomes password protected. Make sure to locate the card in the right place. Remember, the protected portion of your mini-course starts after this card!

You can set a password and name the input label from the settings icon on the card. Watch the video below for detailed information about settings.



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