We all know that content is the king on YouTube to get more subscribers. The depth, quality, and relevance to the audience are the critical determinants for the performance of your YouTube channel.

Ok, these are no-brainers. Yet, what if you want to do more and move beyond creating great videos? In addition to video quality, is there anything else that can help get more subscribers? How to build a robust relationship with a visitor who landed on your video after a search?

We think the answer is simple, and the answer is the same for almost anything in marketing: Create more engagement.

Interacting and bonding with your audience is the key to successful digital branding. When it comes to being a YouTuber, the scenario is no different: interact more to create a more robust engagement with visitors.

Then let's ask the big question: how can you create more interaction and engagement on YouTube, in which you present static videos?


It is known that interactive videos get far more successful than the ones based on one-way communication. It'd be better if your content could get out of the box, involve your audience, and call them into action.

It is possible to add interactivity to a video by cards; however, this feature offers only limited interaction. They are just links for your other videos or subscription action buttons for your channel.



Most YouTubers look for "real" engagement boosters to create more organic bonds with their audience than just giving links to other videos. The most common tactic is to invite users to leave a comment on your video, but you don't have to limit your potential to that.


Going beyond links and comments


The "description" area is a generally overlooked gem. Although it is mainly used for YouTube SEO, it has the potential to build engagement with video viewers via additional materials placed there that perfectly complement the video.

Depending on the video type and your marketing needs, supplementary materials can include reinforcement questions, surveys, additional paid mini-courses, and gamification elements.



You can use your mini-courses to increase your YouTube channel's interactivity, engagement performance, and even SEO ranking by increasing the view duration and completion rates of your videos. Here are some creative use cases for improving engagement performance on and beyond YouTube!

(1) Use quizzes related to your video that comes with an award.

Give perks to only those who answer all quiz questions correctly.


You can use quizzes to increase the view duration and engagement of your YouTube video by hiding the answers to the questions in the video. To complete a quiz successfully, one needs to watch your video without skipping fast since answers are placed in different parts.



To make this work, give bonuses and gifts to people who answer all the questions correctly. It is possible to display a special message at the end of your quiz only for those who achieved 100% accuracy. If a user could not succeed in answering all of them correctly, you can customize the message and direct them to watch the video again.


For the achievers, you can promote an e-book, give away a digital product, hand out discount coupons that can be used on your website, or even give access to an unlisted special video.


(2) Grow your email list with gated content that can be passed by email.

Collect emails through a sign-up wall placed before the supplementary material, like a mini-course related to your video.


You may want to increase interaction points with your audience besides YouTube, like sending newsletters. Not only does YouTube not provide subscribers' emails, but also just asking for emails with form links or putting subscribe CTA's will never do good; since this does not provide any organic connection or a willingness to share emails.

Alternatively, you can use additional, exclusive content to attract people. Prepare a mini-course with additional supplementary content related to your video and promote this additional micro-content within your video content. Make sure to put a sign-up wall at the beginning of your mini-course, so users can access the mini-course only by entering their emails.



By the way, you can use integrations to automate subscriptions to your newsletter platform like Mailchimp, Mailerlite, etc., through webhooks. Learn more.


(3) Show personalized content for the next video.

Present personalized suggestions for the following video offer, depending on the viewer’s interests & knowledge level.


If you create videos in which you share technical skills and know-how, it’d be great to add a reinforcement mini-course that includes quiz questions and key takeaways. Not only will it make your audience learn better, but also you can direct users to different video paths depending on their knowledge. For instance, suppose you have added a mini-course that includes 7 questions. You can direct your audience to video A if they have less than 2 correct answers, to video B if they have 3-6 answers, and direct to video C if they answer all the questions correctly.



Conditional completion card is a great way to offer such performance-based suggestions. To learn more about customizing the end of a mini-course, click here.


(4) Earn extra few bucks through an additional material.

Get paid for additional small complimentary micro-content.


You can make money on YouTube in many ways. Besides ads, the platform has published new features like paid channel membership, merch shelf, etc. These features have one thing in common: joining a privileged group with access to exclusive content. Your mini-course is just another great tool to provide this experience.


You can prepare a mini-course that will include additional material in a complementary way to assist your video take-aways. Users who wish to get more into the subject will pay small amounts like $1 or $2, etc. to access it.



As Mini Course Generator has Stripe integration, you can easily accept payment for your work with no extra commission cut from MCG. To learn more about accepting payment with Stripe, check out this tutorial.



(5) Offer discounts to whom deserves it.

Share a password inside the video and reward those who learn it by discounts on your exclusive offers.


As explained above, adding a quiz in your mini-course and displaying conditional messages depending on the user's performance can be done easily with Mini Course Generator. You can give bonuses to the users who answer all the questions correctly.


However, you may think that watching your whole video is enough to be rewarded. In this case, you can keep it even more straightforward and add a password protection card at the beginning of your mini-course.



This card will be followed by another card where you display a discount code to be used on your sales website. You can hide the password in your video to make sure that users need to watch your video first to get the discount.



You can easily prepare mini-courses to execute these use-cases with various card types.

Sign-up wall, pay-wall, and password protection wall mentioned above are special content card types that can be used as gateways. These gateway cards enable you to gate access partially or wholly to content, as they can be placed in the beginning or midst of your mini-course. Click here to learn more.

In brief, Mini Course Generator's versatile nature, with its simplicity and ease of use, offers a lot for YouTubers looking forward to achieving more engagement and gaining more subscribers with less effort. You can pick one of the above use cases or craft them according to your marketing needs to benefit from a more engaging approach. Click here to explore and learn more about the use cases MCG offers.

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