It is possible to create collections of mini-courses. Moreover, you can share your collections, just like your mini-courses. This feature makes it possible offer your content to your audience in bundle forms and also view your dashboard in a more organized way, too.


To create a collection, go to your dashboard and click "Add Collection"



Do not forget to name your collection!



You can reposition your collection columns simply by dragging them. 

You can create a mini-course directly under a collection with "Add Mini-Course" button.


You can create a mini-course directly under a collection by creating a title, description and thumbnail, all of which will be seen on the collection page.



To list an already existing mini-course under a collection, it is enough to simply drag it under the collection.




To edit the title, description and thumbnail of an already existing mini-course, open the mini-course and find the General tab under settings.


To preview, share, rename, or delete a collection, click the dots menu.



Creating and presenting collections enables magnificent use-cases. Click here to read more and get inspired.

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