If you want to create a home page for your customers where you offer a series of selected mini-courses, the best option is to create a collection! Click here to learn more about collections.

However, if you are selling your mini-courses, and you want list them with attractive price tags, you can follow a different approach.

For such a need, you need to create a mini-course, which will act as the home page of your collection. A single Score card will be sufficient for this mini-course.

Click the link icon at the bottom of a card t
o add a link.

The default choice in the upcoming window is "URL". Change it to "Course" as shown below.


In "Choose your course" menu, all your mini-courses will be available. Pick the one you like.

Note: When the end-users click the link, it will open in a new tab. To avoid that, you can choose "Open in same tab". Click "Add".

You can add as many mini-courses as you like on a card. After you are done, click the settings icon to customize appearance. You may need to scroll down the card a little bit to see the links you have added.

There, you will see 12 different box styles available; for your purpose, you can choose among filled boxes. Your choice will be valid for all of the links on that card.

Now, you can add a thumbnail and a price tag to each of your links. Click the edit icon of the link.


In the upcoming window, you can enter the price as the attention text under "Advanced Settings"

Attention text can be defined for each link separately. You can also add a thumbnail for each link if you want. Supported formats are PNG, JPEG, and JPG.

If you want to delete a link, it is also done on this window.

After arranging your settings, you can preview your mini-course to see what it looks like. The preview of an example is below, where related images are added as thumbnails and "15$" is the attention text.

You can share your collection with a custom domain as well.

For example, suppose you have a website: thirdeyeyoga.com. It is possible to create a custom domain, such as courses.thirdeyeyoga.com; and make this address the share link of your mini-course where you list your other courses.

To learn more about adding custom domains and creating share links with custom domains, click here.

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